Friday, January 4, 2013

#MyFive Songs of 2012

I'm back! After finishing my grad work (for now), I thought I'd revive my blog. Hey, if Boy Meets World can come back, then so can I. Since music is my life blood, I thought I'd start #MyFive 2.0 the only way I know how. By gushing over my favorite songs of the last year (click the pic to hear the tune and watch the vid)! Onward..

sky-ferreira-everything-is-embarrassing-video-600x450.jpg5) Sky Ferreira: Everything is Embarrassing - I love the 80s. (you're welcome, Vh1). I love black and white videos. I love frail chanteuses. I love dramatic songs that make your hips move without your conscious awareness. And I now love Sky Ferreira. Everything about this video is so retro sexy, and it makes me want to bathe in hair spray and skulk on a fire escape super badly. Yeah, I'm totes gonna do that tomorrow.

Fiona-Apple-Every-Single-Night-e1339318438402.jpg4) Fiona Apple: Werewolf - If any other artist took 7 year breaks between albums, my love for them would likely decline, if not turn to disgust (I'm looking at you No Doubt). But Fiona is worth the wait. Music rarely reflects the complexities of real relationships in a way even remotely close to Ms. Apple's tunes. This was my favorite off her new album and is one of the deepest of her deep. We've all dated a werewolf, but then again, we provided the full moon.

hands-in-the-air-video-600x450.jpg3) Timbaland & Ne-Yo: Hands in the Air - 2012 was definitely the year I full on embraced dance music, so this was a no-brainer. As the soundtrack to the epic Step Up Revolution film, a collaboration between two R&B artists I already enjoy, and a video chock full of sexy, slutty, hair-flipping chair grinding, this video was the perfect recipe for a dancey evening. Somebody get me a chair. SOMEBODY GET ME A CHAIR!

blake-lewis-stay-in-this-moment.jpg2) Daniel Wanrooy & Blake Lewis: Stay in the Moment - Another epic dance song, this time with one of my favorite sexy man-idols at the helm. Blake has consistently made awesome dance pop songs and has found a big warm embrace from the gay community. Gimme a romantic song sung by a hot sensitive guy and toss in some strobe lights, and you'll win my heart every time.

pink-try-video-600x450.jpg1) P!nk: Try - I don't understand why P!nk is not treasured as America's greatest pop star (or furthermore, why her face isn't on her our currency). We treat a lot of pop culture icons as royalty in our country, many of whom have one talent. P!nk has all of their talents, and does every damn one of them better. She's a true artist, and Try's choreography, cinematography, music and lyrics evoke the kind of emotions few performers can. Get off of the twenty, Mr. Jackson. You have been replaced.

If you know me, you know how hard it is to pick 5 songs from the 5,000 on my laptop (not kidding). And yet, I still may have missed a few gems from the year the Mayans looked as intelligent as Peter Griffin. So educate me people! What songs should my big gay ears have embraced? ;)


  1. How could you not include the Scissor Sister's "Let's Have A KiKi"? Instant CLASSIC gay song!!! THE NYPD Shut down the PARTY!!

  2. lol. Kiki was fun but far from on my top :). The chop was closer to the top. Horse!