Saturday, February 25, 2012

#MyFive Movies of 2011

So the Oscars are tomorrow night, and while I love a good award show, I just don't find many of this year's nominees all that inspiring. So I thought I'd blog MY favorite movies from 2011, many of which would never win an Academy Award, but definitely won a special lil place inside my heart (and dvd collection).

5) Super 8 - Most of the summer blockbusters were fun, but I didn't find many of them all that inspiring. Super 8, however, caught me by surprise. The characters were very like-able, the cinematography was gorgeous, and the plot was captivating and suspenseful. I was surprised at how little attention it actually got, as I thought it was the best 'blockbuster' of the year.

4) 50/50 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt has slowly become one of my favorite actors. Without much pomp and circumstance, he picks roles that really allow his talent to shine. 50/50 was incredibly moving, and managed to balance funny and irreverent with a very serious and emotional subject. Super heart-warming.

3) Bridesmaids - So funny I saw it twice, which marked the first time I ever saw a comedy film more than once in the theatre. Every single cast member was hilarious in their own way, and the movie as a whole was a consistent riot. And a Wilson freakin' Phillips' cameo? You had me at 'I know there's pain...'

2) The Help - Incredibly moving and inspiring in so many ways. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer moved me to tears more than any film ever has. I've seen it several times, and have forced various family  and friends to watch it with me. And anytime a witch like Hilly gets that kind of delicious karma, I'm sold.

1) Footloose - Judge me. I don't care. I didn't even want to see it. But I knew 10 minutes in it would change my life. Incredibly hot tough yet sensitive guy as lead? Check. A soundtrack so beautiful that I have worn it out in 4 months? Check. And a surprisingly fresh and realistic take on standing up to outdated ideas of fear and repression? I'm in. The DVD comes out on March 6th. Cut loose.

I'm pretty confident Octavia will win an Oscar for The Help, while Viola Davis should, but probably won't (damn Streep). But I'll be watching I guess. If only for a chance to see if Kenny Wormald got an invite. If not, no worries Kenny. You can come to MY awards show anytime :).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#MyFive Glee Love Songs far. Because let's face it, Glee beautifully combines believable love with meaningful music, and will probably continue to do so. The songs below brought what I affectionately call #Gleedrops, both happy and sad. Click the links and share your faves!

5) "Somewhere Only We Know" - Kurt & Blaine:  I actually feel they've yet to have an epic song moment, but this one's the closest so far. When Blaine sang goodbye to his beau, you could feel his happiness for New Directions, but also his sadness of losing Kurt from the Warblers. It's a damn sad song already, so throwing in some Darren Criss facial expressions makes it even more moving.

4) "Fix You" - Will & Emma: Part of me cringes anytime someone sings to their lover that they will "fix them" (Kelly Clarkson told me long ago that she, nor any lady, needs fixing...jerk.) But the song arrangement was beautiful, and Jayma Mays' gut-wrenching performance always makes me want to jump through the screen and hug her. So I could see why Schue would wanna lend a hand (or falsetto).

3) "I Will Always Love You" - Sam & Mercedes:  The timing of Whitney's death this week definitely amped up the emotions, but Amber Riley's vocals were the best, and most moving, they've ever been. Plus, Sam cried. Anytime a hot guy shows emotion, I'm sold on whatever brought his tears. So in less than four minutes, a couple that previously felt a little forced, is now the one I'm rooting for the most.

2) "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Rachel & anyone with a Y chromosome: I've actually liked Rachel Berry with every man she's every fantasized about including in her eventual Tony acceptance speech. Which is probably why I loved this song. She was conflicted and all over the place, and only a super dramatic song could speak to how she felt. And what teenage girl (or gay) hasn't felt that way?

1) "Songbird" - Brittany & Santana: Theirs is the relationship that has moved me the most. Watching sweet little innocent Brittany try to help tough-as-nails but super vulnerable Santana accept herself and their love has brought many a #Gleedrop. And never more so than during Santana's performance of one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It was the perfect for Santana. Just like Brittany :).

I'm anxious to see how all of this season's power couples will end up in this Tuesday's winter finale. I also eagerly await the day I can add a Sue-centric performance to this list. Trust.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#MyFive Whitney Houston Songs

I just found out about Whitney's passing and I'm very sad. Since I'm stuck home sick tonight, I figured I'd celebrate her memory and share my favorite songs and videos.

5) I'm Your Baby Tonight - This was the first Whitney single I purchased with my own money, and that video was fierce! So many Whitney's all looking sheik and sassy. Watch her fashionable sass in the I'm Your Baby Tonight video.

4) How Will I Know - Pure pop fun, both in song and video. I was a wee lil' gay, but the colors and fun in this video grabbed my attention very quickly. Check out the awesome hair and moves in the How Will I Know video.

3) I Have Nothing - I know "I Will Always Love You" is everybody's favorite Bodyguard tune, but this one's mine. Her voice SOARED in this song, and just kept goin' higher and higher. I believed. Check out the I Have Nothing video.

2) Saving All My Love For You - I liked this song when I was a kid, but when I rediscovered it as an adult, I fell in love with its lyrics, when I fell in love for the first time. See her subtle and sweet love song in the Saving All My Love For You video.

1) All The Man I Need - It's my ultimate Whitney song and one of my favorite love songs ever. So sexy, powerful, and moving. I didn't know who she was singing to, but I wanted to find him. Check out the amazing All The Man I Need video.

I'm gonna pop some NyQuil and loop a nice slow Whitney playlist as I fall asleep. Thanks for all the memories Whitney. You will never be forgotten.

#MyFive Mouseketeers

Alumni of the good 'ol 90s MMC were poppin' up all over my world this week! Put on your ears and follow me back to the innocence of my youth. Here are #MyFive Mouseketeers!

5) Ryan Gosling - I actually only remembered Ryan from the MMC after someone pointed his old mousey-eared days out to me years into his film career. I do recall him as one of the quieter, less spotlight-hogging kids, and it's neat to see him maintain that personality as an adult. People love him because of his actual talent (did you see Drive? holy hell), not because of headlines or some weird public obsession. Okay, maybe there's a little public obsession, but at least it's well-deserved.  Watch Ryan sing "Always in My Heart" from the MMC!

4) Tony Lucca - I had no intention of watching The Voice this year. Until I read that Tony was there. He was the hottest guy on the MMC and I'm fairly certain he made me a homosexual. Okay, probably not, but at least he made it fun to be one. Also, his independent music is beautiful. Highlights are "Always", about the love of a parent, and "Back to Me", about letting go of someone and hoping they come back. Check 'em out on Itunes, and support this gorgeous man's career. And if you need evidence of his hottness,  Watch Tony's "Take Time" music video from the MMC!

3) Christina Aguilera - Okay. Let's try and keep this judgment free. Her voice is amazing. Absolutely amazing. She had a hand in some of the most beautiful pop songs of the 00s. She's a strong woman who stands up for what she thinks. Do I always understand her choices or remarks. No. But then, I don't always understand mine. And I'm still fabulous :). Watch Christina sing "I'm Not Over You" from the MMC!

2) The Party - If anyone remembers and loves this group, you are my automatic best friend. Their four albums defined my early adolescence. I wanted to be Tiffani Hale, and I will continue to google her name every year in the hope that someone has located her. It was disney pop music at its best, and it even got a little naughty sometimes (Let's Get Right Down To It?...yikes!). They made tons of videos, but here's the one that sums up their pop charm.  Watch The Party's "I Found Love" music video!

1) Britney Spears - Please. Love her or hate her (and hating her is not an option by the way), she is the best thing that has come out of the entire Disney Channel. If you love pop music, her songs are undeniable. If you love controversy, she's a dream come true. If you teach psychology, she's an excellent case study on the dangers of fame and life. Something for everyone. And everything for me :). Watch Britney sing "I'm Gonna Get You" from the MMC!

If Fred and Moweva were here, they'd say they'd see you real soon. That'd be a lie, though, 'cause we'd never see them again. And if you don't know what that means, then I'm surprised you read this whole thing. MMC love is kind of like a cult. And I'm happy to drink the Kool-Aid. Want some?