Saturday, February 18, 2012

#MyFive Glee Love Songs far. Because let's face it, Glee beautifully combines believable love with meaningful music, and will probably continue to do so. The songs below brought what I affectionately call #Gleedrops, both happy and sad. Click the links and share your faves!

5) "Somewhere Only We Know" - Kurt & Blaine:  I actually feel they've yet to have an epic song moment, but this one's the closest so far. When Blaine sang goodbye to his beau, you could feel his happiness for New Directions, but also his sadness of losing Kurt from the Warblers. It's a damn sad song already, so throwing in some Darren Criss facial expressions makes it even more moving.

4) "Fix You" - Will & Emma: Part of me cringes anytime someone sings to their lover that they will "fix them" (Kelly Clarkson told me long ago that she, nor any lady, needs fixing...jerk.) But the song arrangement was beautiful, and Jayma Mays' gut-wrenching performance always makes me want to jump through the screen and hug her. So I could see why Schue would wanna lend a hand (or falsetto).

3) "I Will Always Love You" - Sam & Mercedes:  The timing of Whitney's death this week definitely amped up the emotions, but Amber Riley's vocals were the best, and most moving, they've ever been. Plus, Sam cried. Anytime a hot guy shows emotion, I'm sold on whatever brought his tears. So in less than four minutes, a couple that previously felt a little forced, is now the one I'm rooting for the most.

2) "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Rachel & anyone with a Y chromosome: I've actually liked Rachel Berry with every man she's every fantasized about including in her eventual Tony acceptance speech. Which is probably why I loved this song. She was conflicted and all over the place, and only a super dramatic song could speak to how she felt. And what teenage girl (or gay) hasn't felt that way?

1) "Songbird" - Brittany & Santana: Theirs is the relationship that has moved me the most. Watching sweet little innocent Brittany try to help tough-as-nails but super vulnerable Santana accept herself and their love has brought many a #Gleedrop. And never more so than during Santana's performance of one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It was the perfect for Santana. Just like Brittany :).

I'm anxious to see how all of this season's power couples will end up in this Tuesday's winter finale. I also eagerly await the day I can add a Sue-centric performance to this list. Trust.

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