Saturday, February 11, 2012

#MyFive Mouseketeers

Alumni of the good 'ol 90s MMC were poppin' up all over my world this week! Put on your ears and follow me back to the innocence of my youth. Here are #MyFive Mouseketeers!

5) Ryan Gosling - I actually only remembered Ryan from the MMC after someone pointed his old mousey-eared days out to me years into his film career. I do recall him as one of the quieter, less spotlight-hogging kids, and it's neat to see him maintain that personality as an adult. People love him because of his actual talent (did you see Drive? holy hell), not because of headlines or some weird public obsession. Okay, maybe there's a little public obsession, but at least it's well-deserved.  Watch Ryan sing "Always in My Heart" from the MMC!

4) Tony Lucca - I had no intention of watching The Voice this year. Until I read that Tony was there. He was the hottest guy on the MMC and I'm fairly certain he made me a homosexual. Okay, probably not, but at least he made it fun to be one. Also, his independent music is beautiful. Highlights are "Always", about the love of a parent, and "Back to Me", about letting go of someone and hoping they come back. Check 'em out on Itunes, and support this gorgeous man's career. And if you need evidence of his hottness,  Watch Tony's "Take Time" music video from the MMC!

3) Christina Aguilera - Okay. Let's try and keep this judgment free. Her voice is amazing. Absolutely amazing. She had a hand in some of the most beautiful pop songs of the 00s. She's a strong woman who stands up for what she thinks. Do I always understand her choices or remarks. No. But then, I don't always understand mine. And I'm still fabulous :). Watch Christina sing "I'm Not Over You" from the MMC!

2) The Party - If anyone remembers and loves this group, you are my automatic best friend. Their four albums defined my early adolescence. I wanted to be Tiffani Hale, and I will continue to google her name every year in the hope that someone has located her. It was disney pop music at its best, and it even got a little naughty sometimes (Let's Get Right Down To It?...yikes!). They made tons of videos, but here's the one that sums up their pop charm.  Watch The Party's "I Found Love" music video!

1) Britney Spears - Please. Love her or hate her (and hating her is not an option by the way), she is the best thing that has come out of the entire Disney Channel. If you love pop music, her songs are undeniable. If you love controversy, she's a dream come true. If you teach psychology, she's an excellent case study on the dangers of fame and life. Something for everyone. And everything for me :). Watch Britney sing "I'm Gonna Get You" from the MMC!

If Fred and Moweva were here, they'd say they'd see you real soon. That'd be a lie, though, 'cause we'd never see them again. And if you don't know what that means, then I'm surprised you read this whole thing. MMC love is kind of like a cult. And I'm happy to drink the Kool-Aid. Want some?

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  1. OMG... The Party. I had all their tapes. All of them.