Thursday, December 22, 2011

#MyFive Favorite American Idols

It's almost that time of year kiddies. No, not Christmas. Or New Years. Or my birthday (which you should all celebrate beeteedubs.) Nope, it's almost American Idol season! To remind myself that some true talent has come out of this show and to try to get excited for the upcoming crop, I've put together the rundown for my favorite idols, complete with some lesser known song links you should check out. And we're off....

5) Daughtry - He actually wasn't my favorite on his particular season, but it's hard to deny his talent and impact on music. His voice is a man-rocket of passion, anger, and soul, and several of his songs have blown radio a new one. The casual listener may not be aware, however, that his last album showed some skill on amazing down-tempo slow jams, that were much more country-twinged and reflective than angsty and rocky. Plus, the man can throw down a hot collaboration like nobody's business. Check out Tennessee Line with Vince Gill or Fast Car with Kelly Clarkson for undeniable proof. And more on Kelly later....

4) Blake Lewis - You probably only remember him as "that beatbox guy", but that's a damn shame.  His skills at crafting an amazing pop song are on point, and he's put out two amazing albums that flew under the radar of even the most diehard Idol fans. With a unique sound and the ability to combine depth and dance, Blake is someone who I hope will keep putting out music, whether or not the rest of the world catches on to his charm. Not to mention he knows his audience and isn't afraid to embrace them. He celebrates and reaches out to his underground gay following, playing pride concerts and sticking up for equal rights when he can. Check out Heartbreak on Vinyl and Our Rapture of Love for some sexy poppy bliss.

3) Carrie Underwood - I'mma stay clear of the Carrie/Kelly debate that seems to drive any conversation about either lady and just comment on why Carrie is awesome. And the answer is, very simply, her voice. I don't follow a lot of country artists and the actual songs Carrie records probably wouldn't even end up on my Ipod if it wasn't for the incredible voice that drives them. From the second she belted out and took ownership of Heart's "Alone" on American Idol, anyone who loves true vocal talent has been cheering her on. Her i-hate-man anthems are fun, but she can make even the grinchiest grinches tear up with performances like Temporary Home and Just a Dream. Pass the Kleenex please.

2) Kris Allen - I'm incredibly passionate and defensive about this man, and get a little irritated when I have to convince people of his awesomeness. It should really be very clear. When he sings a song, even if you've heard it sung by a million other people, he pulls the emotion out of it in a way that no one else does. On top of that, he doesn't care about fame, or headlines, or the excesses that drown so many people and their talent. He spends his free time supporting lesser-known charities, actually doing mission work to help those less fortunate, and being there for the actual people in his life. A simple guy with a huge heart, kind soul, and amazing voice. And he's actually a great songwriter, as evidenced by his work both pre and post Idol. I'll stop gushing, but only if you check out Love Too Much or I Need to Know.

1) Kelly Clarkson - To put it in Kellyspeak, "well duh". The first is still the best, and likely always will be. Having rooted for this nerdy, silly, country girl on the fledgling reality show that was still finding its way makes me feel like a proud parent. After a great first album that didn't really connect, she took over the world with Breakaway, and everyone fell in love with her. She may never achieve that mega-star impact again, but I honestly don't think she wants to, nor do I care if she does. Any Kelly fan knows her true gold is found in her acoustic, often unreleased, slow-jams, which combine her unbelievable vocal talent with her ability to inject gut-wrenching sadness into a song. If you haven't witnessed All I Know or I'm Not The Only One, then you don't know the real Kelly. And you should.

And there you have it. Those are #MyFive American Idols. Who are yours?


  1. I couldn't agree more on Kris, well said! Actually, well said about all of them!

  2. I agree with them all! But I would put Jordin Sparks on the honorable mention list! I think she still needs to find out what her identity is. Love her though!

  3. thanks dy77! and miguel, jordin sparks is totally an honorable mention. i feel like she could make a huge impact once she figures out where she wants to make it. one step at a time :)

  4. How can we forget about J-Hud! Jennifer Hudson! AMAZING! She would make my top 5!

  5. Excellent top 5 picks..... I totally agree that Kris Allen may be the most underrated. I think that I may have replaced Cook with Carrie though, most likely because I don't do country.

  6. David Cook almost made my cut. I loved him on Idol but I haven't yet connected with his post-idol music. His cover of "Hello" blew me away though :)