Saturday, December 31, 2011

#MyFive Days of Our Lives Tearjerkers

Happy New Year's Eve! Is celebrating a new year about fresh starts and new beginnings? Absolutely. But do I think we can effectively create those new beginnings until we deal with and release the feelings of the past? Absolutely not. So combine this philosophy with some outstanding work from the cast of Days of Our Lives this week, and you will find one very inspired blogger. Click on the links to check out my five top tear-inducing clips from Days! :)

5) - Bo & Hope say Goodbye to JT - It wasn't the first time these two lost a child, and it wouldn't even be the last (more on that later), but it was the episode so depressing it was sponsored by Kleenex (totally not kidding). At the end, each Brady silently dealt with the loss their own way, but it was Peter Reckell who broke my heart the most, demolishing and then sadly-clutching the punching bag in his garage over the loss of his son.
4) - Marlena Mourns Roman - Deidre Hall probably holds the record for the most grievings on the show. When you think of all the husbands, children, and sisters who've died, been brought back to life, and died again, it's hard to believe she hasn't snapped altogether (and she was never a serial killer, let's just forget about that okay?). Her most moving moment of mourning came when Roman died in the 80s. The music in this clip is just as powerful as Deidre's acting, and it gets me every time.

3) - Hope Opens The Puzzle Box - Finally. Some happy tears. After several months of not knowing who she was, Hope finally opened a puzzle box that proved her identity, and every Bo & Hope fan on the planet heaved a sigh of relief. And when the two read a poem that Hope wrote on her wedding day...well let's just say that my 14 year old self hid his tears behind his sister's neon-yellow curtains, for fear of anyone seeing just how moved he was :).

2) - Will's Coming Out to Marlena - Chandler Massey has been breaking my heart as Will deals with his confusion and pain. He hasn't even expressed his feelings yet, but Chandler's nuanced acting and inability to find the words he needs is speaking volumes. Plus, hearing Deidre Hall tell her grandson she will love him no matter what is very moving. These two actors are helping so many people who just need to see love and support like this, even if it's only on a TV show.

1) - Hope Loses Zack - I will never forget the sound of Hope screaming as she learned that her son Zack had died. It is the single most gut-wrenching moment on Days of Our Lives in its entire history, and I'd make the argument in all of Daytime TV history. This scene was horrifying, yet captivating, and you immediately couldn't help but think of real mothers who go through this. This is the most tragic Emmy snub of all time, folks (sorry Ms. Lucci).

And there you have it. And just as a sidebar, if you were ever a Days fan, you should totally start watching again. The stories, acting, and heart of the show hasn't been this impressive since the 90s. Hope you got all of those tears out of the way now, and that you have a non-eye-leak-inducing New Year's Eve :)

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