Monday, January 2, 2012

#MyFive Anticipated Albums of 2012

Of all my pop culture vices, music is definitely the biggest. I had fun looking back on my faves of 2011, so I thought I'd look ahead to 2012! Also, I showed up at work today without realizing I wasn't supposed to, so since I'm here with nothing to do... 

5) No Doubt - I hesitate to even put them on this list, as Gwen and the boys have been threatening to release the new album for years now. But surely this is the year they finally do it, right? No Doubt was such an important band for me in my teenage years, and they made some awesome pop music. I'm so ready for some more, that every time I see Gwen Stefani hock makeup or clothes in a commercial, I yell at her to get her ass back in the studio and make me some music. Not kidding.

4) Wilson Phillips - Thank you, Bridesmaids, for making it okay to vocalize my love for these ladies again. For years, they were the secret little shamebased treasure I missed the most, but now others are just as captivated by their harmonious voices and not-so-harmonious personalities (please tell me you saw that reality special). Everyone told me I was nuts for holding out for a Wilson Phillips come back. But I got my way, 'cuz I Held On for one more day (actually for several years, but I guess that's a much-less inspiring lyric).

3) Kris Allen - If you haven't figured it out yet, you should expect Mr. Allen to pop up in any of my music-related blogs. Favorite American Idols, Best Songs of 2011, Anticipated Albums of 2012, hell, I'd probably find a way to stick him in my Favorite R&B Divas blog (which I now feel challenged to do). Beautiful voice, beautiful heart, beautiful face, beautiful dog. "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful". Hey Kris, maybe that should be your album's title. Either that, or "I love you Wesley Ryan". Actually, that last one sounds better. Go with that.

2) Fiona Apple - I'm most inspired by talented singer/songwriters who weave a web of poetry with their lyrics. In that regard, I'd argue that Fiona's the best of my generation. She can create a song that is so unique and unlike anything you've ever heard, but the picture she paints is so perfect that you wonder how no one ever thought of it. When you combine that talent with all the ish this inspirational survivor has overcome, you have one very powerful artist, who can pull your deepest emotions out of you before you even know what they are.

1) Madonna - She's been making amazing albums for almost 30 years, which is why I cringe when people call someone "the next Madonna". They'd have a long way to go to pull off the success that ol Madge has maintained. I've loved her recent dance-focused LPs, but my favorite Madonna is actually ballad Madonna, and rumor has it her new effort will include her first slow-tempo treats in over a decade. If they're anything like the leaked song "Masterpiece" I will be beaming all year long. She's my favorite artist ever, and 2012 is hers.

What are you looking foward to in 2012? Are you as excited about Madonna? Are you sick of my Kris Allen love? Did you show up to work today for no reason? Sigh....


  1. Love your Kris Allen love. I'm also looking forward to his upcoming album.

  2. thanks :) me too! hopefully its sooner rather than later

  3. Never stop the Kris Allen love! ;) So far I'm looking forward to his, Jay's, and Lyle Lovett.

  4. I hope No Doubt releases that album finally... I maaaay have to go see them in concert again. :)

    Also... yay for WP, I heart Fiona big time, and I could not be more excited that Madonna will be doing halftime at the Super Bowl!

  5. I will never forget braving the rain with you for a glimpse of Ms. Stefani :)

  6. Definitely agree with you on Kris Allen and please don't ever stop the L-O-V-E. My other big album of 2012 I can't wait for is the return of Bruce Springsteen, as I've been a fan forever. He's amazing. And I like your No Doubt pick.