Saturday, December 24, 2011

#MyFive Favorite Christmas Movies

Ho ho ho! Hope this blog finds you all celebrating the holidays with those nearest and dearest to you! I'm a little bit farther away from my family than I would like on this particular Christmas eve, so I thought a blog celebrating my favorite Christmas movies would lighten my spirits and spread a little Christmas cheer. Here are #MyFive!

5) Home Alone - C'mon. What kid doesn't want to wish his family away when he gets in trouble, having free reign over his house, his town, and the poor pizza delivery guy assigned to his neighborhood. It was tons of fun watching lil McCauley Culkin thwart the efforts of two bumbling criminals, with only broken ornaments and tar-soaked nails at his disposal. But the true joy of this film, like all of my choices, comes from its message. That we don't always appreciate our loved ones, even the irritating ones, until we lose them. Watching Kevin realize that the hard way meant we didn't have to. And we also learned to take it easy with the aftershave.

4) A Diva's Christmas Carol - There's a bajillion versions of this classic, but I'll tell you why this one slightly edged out Mickey's. The spirit of A Christmas Carol could appeal to everyone, but most of us are fairly certain we're not as Scroogey as ol' Ebenezer. I don't have to worry about hoarding gold coins when I don't have any, and hoarding quarters just doesn't make me feel as naughty. The richest person I've ever met is probably the owner of the Pizza Hut I just ordered from. I have met, however, a few self-absorbed divas in my life, and have maybe even had some of those moments myself. Nobody plays a diva more ferociously than Vanessa Williams, who I have worshipped since she first told me about The Right Stuff with her fabulous 80s hair. Throw in some pre-D-List Kathy Griffin, and you've got some joyous Christmas gold.

3) How The Grinch Stole Christmas - The original cartoon version, not the 2 hour live-action version. Sorry, Jim.  All the who's in Whoville had everything stolen from them, and they still woke up smiling and singing. I think we all wish we were that un-materialistic. We also probably wish our love and goodness could change even the grinchiest of hearts. It might not be able to in the real world, but at least it will once a year on TNT, damn it. So pass the roast beast and get lost in an innocent land of bingle balls and whofoo fluff. But someone release poor Max from that outfit. It's just cruel.

2) A Christmas Story - Speaking of horrible outfits.... This movie tends to be quite the controversial ornament on the Christmas tree of films. People either it loathe it, like my father, or love it, like anyone cool. Sorry Dad, I love you, but you're just wrong. Ralphie and his ridiculous hijinks entertain me multiple times each year (for 24 hours even on Christmas day!). Each vignette stands on its own as pure hilarity, from that obnoxious, "fra-gil-e" leg-lamp, to dropping the f-bomb with tire lugs flying, to the climatic shooting out of one's eye. Together, all of these scenes create a family that you can't believe could be for real, but that you totally wish were. And I refuse to remember to drink my Ovaltine. Little Orphan Annie is a jerkstore.

1) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Nothing holds a candle to this one for me. I think everyone feels like a misfit from time to time, especially those of us who some parts of society would gladly ship off to an Island of Misfit Toys if they had the chance. That's why seeing poor Rudolph being treated so horribly just for being different was so depressing. It's also why seeing him find a place where he belonged, and ultimately being needed and celebrated for his uniqueness, makes my heart so warm. There are so many lil Rudolph's in the world who need to feel loved and supported, and it's up to all of us to be a little more like King Moonracer, and a lot less like Coach Comet (who also was a total jerkstore).

On this Christmas Eve, I wish you all lots of peaceful and joyous moments, and the fewest number of jerkstore encounters one can have :). Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks! Peace out.


  1. My favorite is The Gathering, a 1977 classic with Ed Asner, Maureen Stapleton, Bruce Davison, Gregory Harrison, the list goes on. It was recently restored and made available on DVD, amazing how it holds up, hardly dated at all and still packs an emotional punch. As one of those misfit toys, Rudolph is also on my list!

  2. Oooh... I usually separate the specials and the longer movies so I don't have to make as many hard decisions! LOL :) So forgive me for taking that approach below...

    Longer: (1) White Christmas; (2) Elf; (3) Muppet Christmas Carol; (4) Christmas Vacation; (5) It's a wonderful Life

    Shorter: (1) Garfield's Christmas special; (2) Mickey's Christmas Carol; (3) Grinch (I hated the live action one, so cartoon all the way); (4) Rudolph; (5) Tie - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas/Peanuts

    I'm not very good at limiting myself. For me, it's #MyFive...ish. :)

  3. I ADORE Ed Asner so I don't know how I missed The Gathering! Thanks Julie :)

    And I love your five(ish)! I also should have cited you for use of the word 'jerkstore' :).

  4. I did giggle about the jerkstore part. I say that a lot.